Corporations are largely responsible for the global warming crisis. 63% of all greenhouse gas emissions from 1751 to 2010 were produced by the activities and products of just 90 companies.

HQ→CO2 juxtaposes random pairs of images: the headquarters of high-emissions fossil fuel companies, and places around the world being affected by global warming.

It aims to concretely visualize how corporate executives bear enormous responsibility for the past and future of the climate crisis.

Data Appendix

Emissions data are estimates of 2015 emissions, in metric tons of CO2 equivalent, from the CDP Carbon Majors Report 2017 . Figures include both firsthand emissions by companies, and downstream emissions caused by their products. Companies were selected for this site based on estimated yearly emissions rankings and availability of image/financial data.

For more information on the Carbon Majors project, see the Climate Accountability Institute website . The creators of this website are not affiliated with the Climate Accountability Institute or CDP.

Market cap data are values from Google Finance as of Aug 2019 for publicly traded companies, and Financial Times estimates for some state-owned firms.

Image data comes from Google Maps and Google Street View. Detailed copyright info is noted on each image.

Pairings of companies and places are randomized. The effects of climate change are global.


HQ→CO2 is made by Seth Thompson and Geoffrey Litt . The site is built with Svelte, Sapper, and Regl.

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The VHS video effect is based on a shader effect by FMS_Cat on Shadertoy .