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Play kung fu games at Master the ancient methods of martial arts and be the last one standing after an intense round of 1 vs. 1 kungfu combat. Be patient and use your energy wisely as you master the Chinese fighting style. Y8 Games is home to many martial arts related games.

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Kung Fu (also known as Wushu) is one of several hundred Chinese martial arts and the fighting tradition is very old. Martial arts is a very important cultural tradition in China. It focuses not only on body development but also on the spirit strengthening. Kung Fu is a unique combination of physical exercises, self-defense techniques, self-discipline skills, and martial art form.

Chinese kung fu can be dated to the period of primitive society when people armed themselves with various weapons for hunting wild animals. Step by step, weapon skills and other methods of self-defense gathered in one system. During the reign of various dynasties hunting skills mainly determined the kung fu proficiency. Soon it became part of military training and included both melee combat techniques and weapons skills.

Over time, kung fu was included in sports where it often manifested itself in two forms. Either Sanda, a sparring combat sport with close-handed competitions or Taolu, a sport that incorporates more acrobatic element forms.

Over recent decades kung fu has become widely known throughout the world thanks to the cinematographic industry and some of its stars. The whole world has heard about the legendary Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. In the gaming industry, kung fu has become popular in fightings game genres. Kung fu games typically have a unique charm thanks to the interesting animation possibilities within the kung fu fighting game genre.

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